The world is full of people and it's up to you to decide which ones should live in abundance and who shall suffer.

Provide water to the villages you deem worthy by blowing a raining cloud 🌧 into their direction. Others will have to scrape by without water.

Careful though - you don't want anyone to die. Just show them who's the boss. That's you. A windy cloud-blowing boss.


  • Click and drag the left mouse button to blow - the clouds will move in that direction.
  • Click and drag the right mouse button to move your screen around.


  • Provide abundance of rain water to one village - the number of villages will increase in the next round.
  • Don't make any village die of thirst by not providing them any rain drops.


  • There are many villages on the map that are constantly drinking their reserves of water - shown in the red/green bar bellow the village. If the village is thirsty, the bar will be mostly red. If they have plenty of water, their bar will be green.
  • There are many clouds constantly appearing and disappearing on the map - they grow, rain and then get smaller again.
  • There is a minimap in the bottom right corner, that shows you locations of all the villages - their colors shifting based on their water supply.
  • There is a progress at the top right corner showing you how many villages you are supposed to make happy by providing them enough rain water and of course how many are currently happy.
Updated 20 days ago
AuthorsLowcase, Drakir
Made withTIC-80
Tags8-Bit, Pixel Art
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSource code

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